1. What Codecrumbs do?

    Codecrumbs is a set of tooling designed to help with investigation & documentation of a big codebase. Using it one can create interactive schemes to learn and explain how features binds to the actual code. See examples here.

  2. Can I share interactive scheme from Codecrumbs by link?

    Interactive scheme is a main unit inside Codecrumbs. You can publish it and make accessible by link to anyone on Internet (view-only, no Sign In required).

  3. Can I export interactive scheme from Codecrumbs to my own web-site?

    Interactive scheme is a main unit inside Codecrumbs. You can export it from Codecrumbs and integrate into your own blog article, documentation, etc. See how-to guide here.

  4. Will it work with my programming language?

    Codecrumbs is designed to be language agnostic, meaning you can use it for any project with any programming languages under the hood (even with plain text documents).

  5. Can I use Codecrumbs for free?

    Yes! Codecrumbs is free for Open source projects or for personal use. Just Sign in with Github and it's ready to go!

  6. Where is user generated content stored?

    Codecrumbs Web App persist all data in browser's local storage. Codecrumbs Desktop App also keeps content locally as well as allows you to export it to designated directory. See more content sharing here.

Still have questions?

Check out Getting started guide, UI hints and tips for more details.

For any other questions, bug-reports, suggestions or just to say "Hi" - feel free to ping me directly.