Application UI hints and tips

Controls and hot-keys

  • search file by path (use Command + O)
  • search code inside active file (use Command + F)
Most of "creating" actions can be done from Context menu. You can call it ("right mouse button click") for:
  • lines of code (line number)
    • to add explanation tooltip (or use Command + Click) to line number
    • to create connection between lines of code (holdCommand + Shift + Click from-line and to-line).
    • to highlight lines of code (holdShift + Click from-line and to-line).
  • source tree nodes (files and folders)
    • to add explanation tooltip (or useCommand + Click
    • to create connection between nodes (or "Shift + Click" from-node and to-node)
  • background (canvas)
    • to "Add note"
    • to filter out "Active only" (close folders you don't need, etc)
    • to re-arrange files grid "Align grid"
    • to "Reset layers"gradually (remove added tooltips > close open files > close opened folders)
Context menu

Codebase layout

By default only opened files are shown. You can you can choose different grids how to position code files by using (top right corner) and "Change code grid...".

Files layout

To show folders and files source tree as well use the same (or call context menu) and choose "Show source tree".

Tree layout

Presentation mode pointer

You can use "cursor hint" by holding Command + Shift + C to show cursor like a pointer light, to draw more attention to it wile presenting some code.


The main idea of interactive documentation that you can take a part of your codebase, make a visual tutorial of it (describe how all pieces work together) save it a new snapshot, so then you can "restore" that state later by following guided steps.

The flow is following:
  • describe particular part of source code (using explanation tooltips, connections, etc)
  • save as a new snapshot(s)
  • newcomer joins (or you need to remind for yourself/work with that feature some time later)
  • walk through snapshots, revealing particular codebase state for each snapshot

Read Getting started guide as well.