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Fill the gap between code and application logic

Codecrumbs is the set of tooling to help developers with maintaining knowledge about large codebase, integration between multiple modules and more. Essentially helping to:
  • Bootcamp newcomers in days, not months

  • Make everyone in your team 10x developer

  • Control your codebase architecture clean

Create interactive schemes to explain how features binds to the actual code. Draw connections, add notes and remarks. Teach newcomers all ins and outs of your codebase using visual interactive guides, bringing them up to speed in days not moths.

Learn more how it works by checking out FAQ, getting started or content sharing guides.

Easy to get started

Just in a few clicks you can start exploring a codebase directly in your browser, create interactive visual guides and share them with others.

  • Load any public GitHub repository

  • new

    Open local project directly in browser

  • Integrate visual guide in your blog

  • new

    Share visual guide by public link

See quick guide how to get started

Enhance experience with Desktop App

Enhance your professional day to day work using Codecrumbs Suite of Desktop Apps, helping you to simplify navigation within large codebase, plan and design big refactoring or architectural change and teach everyone in your team.

Open project

Codecrumbs Desktop App

  • work with any local codebase
  • quick navigation between Codecrumbs visual schemes and your code editor
  • simple content storing and sharing
  • support for popular programming languages

Supported platforms

Codecrumbs Code Editor Extension (optional)

  • add annotations directly from code editor
  • quick navigation between scheme and source code and more

Supported code editors

Request access (free) to download Desktop App.

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