Take code complexity under control.


What is Codecrumbs?

Codecrumbs® is the set of tooling to extract, store and share the codebase knowledge with emphasis on visualization and automation.

How Codecrumbs can save you time and money?

Codecrumbs helps you to fill the gap between code and business logic, making codebase learning and maintenance easy, so you can:
  • Bootcamp newcomers in days, not months
  • See big picture to keep codebase architecture clean
  • Align delivery speed for everyone in your team
  • Keep knowledge in sync with code and in one place

Sounds awesome, tell me more.

Codecrumbs can help you to make everyone in your team 10x developer within your codebase in 3 simple steps.

1. Zoom out to see bigger picture

Reduce distractions in big codebase to few files you need at the moment. Easy navigation, top-down view, bookmarks and more.

  • Easy navigation between files without losing context.
  • Flexible top-down view layout.
  • Bookmarks and bread-crumbs to never get lost.

2. Take a snapshot of your knowledge

Create interactive content to explain how feature binds to real code. Draw connections, stay up to date, allow codecrumbs to write text for you.

  • Visual description for logic behind the code.
  • Easy to persist and keep in sync with code.
  • Generate content automatically in one click.

3. Bring everyone in your team up to speed

Keep the knowledge about codebase in one place. Share and learn codebase "hands-on".

  • Publish and share your knowledge with rest of the team.
  • Learn codebase quickly by guidance.

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